Graham Lumber Company

Your Partner in the Global Hardwood Market

Quality furniture, molding, flooring and other hardwood manufactures world wide come together along with Graham Lumber Company to produce some of the finest hardwood products world wide. Graham Lumber Company is a continuous leader in the hardwood market with partnerships throughout the world.

We take the finest Appalachian Hardwoods and apply standards developed by our customers and by the professional personnel at Graham Lumber Company to develop top quality products that meet our customers changing demands.

At Graham Lumber Company we take pride in working with some of the best hardwood product manufactures in the world. It is our goal to develop lasting relationships and high quality products. With Graham’s three production facilities we can produce White Oak for the highest quality products that anyone could ask for. We also produce some of the finest Red Oak in the Southern Appalachian region along with Poplar which our customers feel is some of the best for color, lengths and widths in the industry. From Green Lumber to Kiln Dried lumber, having three different production facilities makes it easy for Graham to meet our customers ever changing needs.

Our Company was founded on good, sound partnerships and that’s the way we continue today. Whether it’s a partner in Frankfort, Germany or Linden, Tennessee, we continue to work together to develop products and protect the renewable resources given to us many, many centuries ago.

Our Main Species 
Red Oak
White Oak


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