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Our Mills and Equipment


Ten of the most modern facilities in the country, AHI’s mills use state-of-the-art technology to turn timber into fine hardwood lumber. Laser scanners, computers, and optimizing equipment ensure exact quality standards are always reached. We continually add manufacturing process and features that make our mills more efficient – all of which saves you money and ensures product integrity.

Stacking and Drying

We have several proprietary stacking and drying processes which have given us the edge on product flatness. Through our many years of combined knowledge and testing we have developed precise “course structures” which guarantee uniform drying – an extremely important quality initiative that provides you with consistent product.

110 Million Board Feet Per Year

Our total sawmill production is over 110 million board feet per year. Our’ 38 dry kilns have an annual capacity of over 86 million board feet. Our’ two-step slow drying predry and kiln operation has a throughput of 86 million board feet of hardwood lumber annually.

Trusted Equipment Vendors

Our automation, stacking and drying equipment were manufactured and developed by industry leaders such as McDonough, ASM, TS Manufacturing, Invovec, Jacobsen, VKB and USNR.

Our People

It’s the people at AHI that make a real difference. Although our machinery is always updated, our employee’s dedication to quality never changes. Many of our employees sport a 25 years-of-service watch, and this unusual longevity and commitment means the customer can expect the same consistent quality year after year. Solid products, solid quality and solid relationships... that’s what AHI is all about.

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