American Hardwood Industries
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American Hardwood Industries

Headquartered in Waynesboro, Virginia, American Hardwood Industries is one of the leading producers of Appalachian and Northern hardwood lumber, manufacturing more than 110 million board feet annually and shipping to customers throughout the world.

The Company is comprised of ten of the finest hardwood manufacturing operations in the country and employs over 500 employees in four states.

Augusta Lumber Company

Augusta Lumber Company, a subsidiary of AHI, is located in Waynesboro, Virginia and was originally founded in 1955. The six manufacturing facilities produce over 60 million board feet of grade lumber annually. In addition to producing kiln-dried lumber, Augusta also exports high quality veneer logs and wide plank prefinished hardwood flooring sold under the Monte Bello flooring brand.

Blue Triangle Hardwoods

Blue Triangle Hardwoods, a subsidiary of AHI, is located in south western Pennsylvania and was originally founded in 1970. AHI assumed control of the operation in 1981. The facility produces over 25 million board feet of grade lumber annually with pre-dryer capacity of over 1.6 million board feet and kiln capacity of approximately 1.2 million board feet.

Graham Lumber Company

Graham Lumber Company, a subsidiary of AHI, maintains three separate facilities in Linden, TN, Selmer, TN and Fulton, MS and consists of sawmills, dry kilns and concentration yards. Graham Lumber Company produces some of the finest Appalachian hardwood lumber and specializes in high quality White Oak and Red Oak.

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